Ph.D thesis

Philipp Ulrich Haselbach, 2015. “Ultimate Strength of Wind Turbine Blades under Multiaxial Loading”, DTU Wind Energy

Zike, Sanita, 2015. "Micro-Scale Experiments and Models for Composite Materials with Materials Research", PhD-thesis. 

Bak, Brian Lau Verndal, 2015. "Progressive Damage Simulation of Laminates in Wind Turbine Blades under Quasi-static and Cyclic Loading", PhD-thesis. 

Weldeyesus, Alemseged Gebrehiwot. "Models and Methods for Free Material Optimization", PhD-thesis.  

Hansen, Jens Zangenberg, 2013. “The effects of fibre architecture on fatigue life-time of composite materials”, PhD thesis, DTU Wind Energy. 

Sørensen, Søren Nørgaard, 2013. “Parameterizations for multi-material topology optimization of composite structures”, PhD-thesis, AAU M-Tech.

Vajari, Danial Ashouri, 2014, “Micromechanical failure in fiber-reinforced composites”, DTU Mechanics, PhD-thesis.



24 APRIL 2019